Alexander Kutschera Developer Scientist

My Expertise

I am a former PhD student of Technical University of Munich, combining microbiology, plant sciences and biochemistry in my research. Now I work as STEM-Manager in the federal district of Miesbach near Munich. I love 3D printing, recreating scientific instruments and getting lost on unnecessary nerdy projects.


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My current research focus is lipoplysaccharide of plant-associated bacteria and its role in plant-bacteria interactions.

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3D Printing

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I use CAD and 3D printing for protoyping, designing lab equipment. But I also print protein models or use printed parts to repair things.

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Some of my hardware projects are related to my research and others just solve particular problems I faced at some point.

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Some scripts and apps developed for work, at home or to bring some hardware projects to life.

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Everything from small open science hardware workshops to 3D Design or soft skill courses.

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I'm part of great and inspiring communities like GIG or GOSH and collaborate with others to solve problems together.


Featured Projects and Activities

Give Plants a Voice!

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Does your relationship status with your indoor plant read: “it’s complicated”? Sometimes it is just hard to understand what your green friend needs. In our workshop we will show you how to turn the plant’s cries into signals for humans to understand. Join us and learn about microcontrollers and how we can use them to digitize nature!

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Autoclaving PLA

Autoclaving PLA: A Test Series

Can you autoclave 3D-models printed with PLA filament?

If you print equipment for biological laboratories it would be nice to know if autoclaving is a valid option for decontaminating and sterilizing your prints. I could not find any conclusive answer to this question and therefor peformed a small test series.

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Workshop at re:publica 18

Exploring the micro universe!

The workshop is all about building microscopes and using them to examine various samples from plant leafs to moss in which might find some rotifers or tardigrades (super small but amazing organisms)



MBac - Bacteria Motility made easy

MBac is a open science hardware and software project to analyze swarming movements of bacteria.

It combines 3D-printing and simple electronics with computer vision and machine learning to create an on-line monitoring setup for macroscopic movements of bacteria.

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I co-founded this open science and maker community and created the website to establish a collection of (mostly) plant-related projects.

If you want to help to write posts about projects or if you want us to write about your project, get in touch! Have a look!